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Cubeetle version 28.04.2021

  1. Bug fix: Fix the accuracy of the automatic walls around the map
  2. Bug fix: The main player is automatically added while saving a game without a main player
  3. Bug fix: Clicking a test game while there is no main player.
  4. Bug fix: Adding a teleport, a bug in the settings when adding a new teleport.
  5. Bug fix: Problem deleting one of the explosives by pressing DELETE
  6. Bug fix: clicking on transform in the menu does not change the type of gizmo in zombie character
  7. Bug fix: The enemy name does not appear on the enemy settings page
  8. Bug fix: Problem loading colliders
  9. Bug fix: various UI fixes
  10. Change: Change mouse cursor for comfort.
  11. Change: Adding one object to the map (if you want more than one you can press Shift)
  12. Add: Adding Gizmo to the main player
  13. Add: Add various messages and UI
  14. Add: Delete button in object settings for all objects
  15. Add: Health Bar for enemies, can be turned on and off on the enemy settings page (disabled by default)
  16. Add: A list of all the objects in the game for ease of delete and easy access to objects
  17. Add: Over 200 camera effects for changing the game atmosphere.
  18. Add: Add a new character (Animated character)
  19. Add: Health Bar for enemies produced through a spawner (found in the spawner settings)
  20. Add: Screenshot in edit mode and game mode )F9 with UI F10 without UI)
  21. Add: Increasing the map area (4 times bigger)
  22. Add: Add 2 new types of automatic walls
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