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Cubeetle version 26.09.2021

  1. New: 2 new characters in third person (gun and automatic weapon)
  2. New: Explosive Barrel Settings Page – Blown up by time
  3. New: Trigger blew up all the barrels inside the trigger
  4. New: Extra shape for all triggers so it can fit different types of areas
  5. New: Trigger to change player’s speed
  6. New: Trigger to change the player’s shooting power
  7. New: In collections the option to add life
  8. New: Change camera distance in mini map
  9. New: Models of corpses – 54 new models
  10. New: Adding different types of doors, automatic opening, opening by pressing a key and opening by code (when the inventory system is ready there will also be opening by key)
  11. Improvements: Improving performance for all automatic walls
  12. Improvements: Improving performance for all models
  13. Improvements: Improving performance for all characters of all types including animals
  14. Improvements: Improvement for all AI
  15. Bug fix: Correction of location of all roads
  16. Bug fix: When adding traffic lights not at the intersection
  17. Bug fix: Maximum enemies on the map
  18. Bug fix: Animals cannot be saved unless walking points are selected
  19. Bug fix: Citizens cannot be saved unless walking points are selected
  20. Bug fix: Animals do not bleed if there is no death
  21. Bug Fix: Time Events does not load the values for all events
  22. Bug fix: Trigger background music volume
  23. Bug fix: Global effects trigger does not work multiple times
  24. Bug fix: In the name of the trigger on enable and disable effect
  25. Bug fix: human and animal walking points
  26. Bug fix: The talking character is not looking well towards the main player
  27. Change: Move Global Effects to a Separate Page (Now in Adding an Object)
  28. little things: Opening video for the game

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