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Cubeetle version 13.04.2021

  1. enemy spawner system
  2. A system that notifies the user if there is a new update.
  3. Automatic save (your map every 60 seconds)
  4. More background music files – 50 new files
  5. New explosive – fire extinguisher
  6. More sound effects files – 80 new effects
  7. More speech effects files – 10 new sentences in 5 styles each.
  8. Add a loop to re-run a sound effect
  9. Add a delay to resume a sound effect
  10. Adding Volume in trigger sound effect
  11. Adding volume in a text reading trigger
  12. At the end of a game in game mode, death is performed in slow motion before the “GAME OVER” window appears
  13. Bug fix: gizmo was not created on effect while creating an effect
  14. Bug fix: sound effect trigger (volume issue)
  15. Bug fix: trigger speech effect (volume issue)
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