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Cubeetle version 01.09.2021

  1. Bug fix: It is not possible to climb stairs in some buildings – the ascent to the roof still needs to be fixed.
  2. Bug fix: one of the ITEMS model
  3. Small bug fixes in UI
  4. Updates and improvements to UI
  5. 221 New models on ancient Egypt
  6. Background buildings and whether to display or not – more types coming soon (Can be changed in game settings)
  7. Add a button Create a random building in the building builder
  8. Option to determine the number of disqualifications for the main player (Can be changed in game settings)
  9. After death it is possible to start from the starting point, from the place of death or from a saving point (new trigger)
  10. New trigger: A save point from which the main player will start after being disqualified if he chooses to do so (Can be changed in game settings)
  11. Models of new trees (trees from the world of fantasy)
  12. 10 background music files (on the subject of the Middle East corresponding to the new models of Egypt)
  13. Resizing the gizmo (small increase)
  14. Adding Music Files to Trigger “Background Music Replacement” – 80 new music files
  15. Adding different types of birds (flocks of birds)
  16. Increasing the number of teleports from 20 to 50
  17. Increasing the number of disqualifications for the main player that can be set from 20 to 50
  18. Improving the AI of enemies and animals to find paths towards the main player

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